What I learned making my first #Sourcing training, and what #SuperMario has to do with it?

Alexey Geht
3 min readOct 29, 2018


I had been asked to provide a full day sourcing training for tech recruiters of one of our company clients, #WeWork Technology in TLV. My first reaction was panic. The worst thoughts came into my mind: “I’m not good enough”, “I’ve never done this before”, “what am I going to talk about all day”, “is my knowledge enough?”, “what if I’m a boring presenter?” and you can imagine what else…

The training was very successful and the feedback has really warmed my heart :) So I’ve decided to share some strategies that I found helpful during this process:


Do your homework- you can be a sourcing ninja and a great presenter, but every training/presentation is unique and requires time to prepare. *Build a presentation with a good looking UI, covering all the topics you plan to teach.


Double Check- that all the material is up to date and all the links are working!

Practice- present it after you finish to a friend or a colleague. Check how comfortable you feel with the content.

Technical stuff- arrive early with plenty of time to check internet connection, sound, screen/projector, and any additional equipment you require for your presentation.


Be yourself- share who you are in an authentic way (not just professionally). Tell your story, bring your personality into the room.

Meditation and Mindfulness- one of my best tips is to take a few minutes, together with your audience to connect with ourselves and our breath. It will reduce stress and increase attention.

If you know how to guide it by yourself go for it! Or just use one of these apps.



Brain Break- make fun breaks every 30 minutes with movement/dancing and music. That’s where SuperMario gets in the picture. I had videos of guided dance and it was a huge success.



Patience- plan to have enough time for questions and extra explanations.

Prepare a fun exercise- if your session includes practical exercise, make it colorful and fun.

First time doing anything can be scary and frightening, but the satisfaction of getting out of your comfort zone is priceless. I got my inspiration to start sharing from Jan Tegze.

Thank you WeWork for the opportunity!

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