My favorite Sourcing tools for 2023 | Winter edition 🎅

Alexey Geht
7 min readJan 3, 2023


As I have found these tools to be helpful in talent sourcing, I would like to share my favorite ones with you. Please note that these are tools that I have been using in 2022 and plan to continue using in the coming year. I have not included information on basic tools to keep this list as concise as possible.

Many people have written similar lists before, but I hope that sharing my personal favorites will be helpful to you. Take a deep breath — this list is a bit lengthy. 😜

Personalization and follow-ups

GEM (previously Zen Sourcer)

GEM is my favorite sourcing tool by Steve Bartel! It allows you to create personalized emails and inmails at scale by using custom tokens and scheduling automatic follow-ups with email sequences. You can measure all the data from a very user-friendly dashboard.


A fantastic tool by Guillaume Moubeche. Create tailor-made and unique sequences thanks to personalized images, custom landing pages, and video prospecting. With auto email warm-up, you’ll maximize your email deliverability and keep your emails out of spam.



There’s no doubt that ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can significantly improve and speed up your sourcing efforts. It has many impressive capabilities that have garnered a lot of attention. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your sourcing strategies.

AI Sourcing

These three tools offer AI-powered search engines specifically designed for talent sourcing. You can schedule demos with each of them to see which one works best for you in terms of functionality and price.


Amazing Hiring

Reach out to Yulia Kuzmane for a Demo!

HireEZ (previously Hiretual)



The Phantom has many useful features, such as LinkedIn Search Export, LinkedIn profile Scraper, and Auto Connect. With the paid version, you can create workflow automation using multiple Phantoms. These are just a few examples of the many capabilities of this tool.


Save time and effort by automating your LinkedIn outreach with this tool. It allows you to visit profiles, connect with others, send messages, and follow up, all without manual labor.

Waalaxy (ex prospectin)

The free version of this tool offers a great deal of functionality. You can send up to 100 LinkedIn messages per week with follow-ups and track your activity and reply rate using the dedicated dashboard. It’s a valuable tool that can help you make the most of LinkedIn without breaking the bank.

Contact Finding


I highly recommend this email address finder for 2023. Not only is it my favorite, but it also offers competitive pricing.


Email extractor

This tool scrapes all emails publicly available on a web page.




It will take your writing to the next level by using AI to suggest alternative words and sentences.

Magical Text Expander

This free tool lets you create keyboard shortcuts for your templates, including the option for custom personalization tokens. You can quickly move data from your open tabs to Google Sheets with just one click.


This is a LinkedIn Messenger but much better and with a great UI


Bypass Paywalls

This tool gives you access to paid articles on various websites.


CSE by Google

I’ll leave this here because it’s a vast topic, and you can easily find resources online to learn how to use it for sourcing.


This tool provides a feature that displays the last time you visited a page from Google search results. In addition, you can add notes to a LinkedIn profile, which you and your team can access through Google search.

Tools for GitHub


This tool allows you to obtain a summary of a GitHub profile and email address, as well as search the platform.

GitHub Isometric Contributions

This extension offers the ability to switch between the standard GitHub contribution chart and an isometric pixel art version.


This Chrome extension allows you to discover info associated with a user’s GitHub profile.

GitHub User Languages

See a User or Org's language usage breakdown on their GitHub profile page.


Candidate lookup by CODE

This new tool, developed by Balazs Paroczay, allows you to quickly gather more information about someone from a variety of social media platforms.

Amazing Hiring

Easily navigate multiple social media platforms with ease.

What's my name

Have a username or a nickname? Check this out to find more details.

Web Scraping

Instant Data scraper

The easiest and most effective tool to scrape almost any web page within a few clicks.

Data Miner (now Data Scraper)

Much more sophisticated tool that can help you create your recipes and scrape pages that the previous tools couldn't

Highlight and Tech terms

GlossaryTech | Learn tech words

One of my favorite tools, developed by Andrew Stetsenko, is capable of highlighting technical terms, providing brief definitions, and evaluating LinkedIn profiles.

Highlight This

Thank you Susanna Frazier 🦄 for adding this tool. This highlighter is a game-changer for Sourcers. Not only does it highlight effectively, but you can also create and customize lists with different colors. It’s a must-have tool.



Vimeo's screen and camera recording feature works exceptionally well and automatically uploads the recordings to the cloud.





uBlock Origin

An efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. Blocking ads while browsing.

The Great Suspender

This an excellent tool for individuals who have multiple tabs open at the same time. It can automatically suspend tabs that have not been viewed for a configurable period of time, reducing memory and CPU usage in the process.


This is the ultimate tool for quickly enabling and disabling all your extensions in Google Chrome.

That’s all for now, everyone! 🤘 I hope you enjoyed it and found at least one tool that will be useful to you in the upcoming year. If you have any secret sourcing weapons you’d like to share, feel free to comment or connect with me on LinkedIn. Here’s to a productive and successful year of sourcing (and maybe a little fun too)! Happy hunting!



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