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Alexey Geht
3 min readDec 18, 2019


Sourcing for passive candidates in a highly competitive and aggressive market can be very challenging and sometimes frustrating. After spending 3 years sourcing for hard to fill R&D positions for the Israeli Silicon Valley, I want to share some insights with the community. 🤓

Understanding the market

When trying to recruit top-notch Software Developers:

Top talent is high on demand!

Developers get recruiting emails/ InMails every day.

Google is filtering recruiting emails to spam.

Templates sent by bots make a lot of people angry.

We need to think like Marketing and Sales Professionals!

We want to sell our position (or at least a phone call) to potential candidates, therefore we need to get into their shoes and answer these questions before clicking the “send” button!

Why should I open this email?

Why should I read it till the end?

Why would I research further about the company?

And finally, why should I reply?

First thing first — Winning subject line

People are flooded these days with emails. The subject line will define if the person on the other side of the screen will open the email! Examples to be followed…👇

Be personal

Be Original

Leave a place for curiosity

The body of the email

The first thing we want to avoid is giving the person a feeling of an automated email. Inserting a freestyle text paragraph (on top of our template) to each email will give a personal touch to our mail and differentiate it from not personal and automated emails (or lazy Sourcers 😜)!

Give the person the feeling that you really did our homework and took the time to visit his/her social media pages and read them through.

Tell a story and not just sell an opportunity — please read The Power and Importance of Storytelling in Recruitment by Jan Tegze

Keep it short and to the point, time is a rare resource these days!

Use Emoji 🧙 — not too much tough.

Remember it’s another human on the other side of the screen. BE HUMAN :)

Special thanks to Guillaume Alexandre for sharing on this topic at #SOSUEU

Call to action

Finish your email with a strong call to action, providing a few time slots for a short informal phone call or a coffee (not an interview). invite her to be the driver and decide when it’s convenient.

Let’s see some examples

His GitHub Avatar is with a construction plastic hat 👷
Study case 1 :)
His summery om Medium is “We’re the Bebem so I just add it to the subject line.
His technical blog called “Memoirs of a Front End Developer”

Personalization VS Timing

Being personal is super important, but, if the timing is wrong the answer will be “no, thanks” anyway. So how much time should we spend writing each email? We have to find our balance, to be personal but at the same time fast and efficient.

Final Thoughts

  • Use as many personal details as you can find
  • Use freestyle text paragraph
  • Be creative and original
  • Use storyTelling and ask questions
  • Call to action



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